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PIM and BlackBerryPIM are factory classes that provide access to the lists, as well as methods for serializing or deserializing individual list items These two classes actually refer to the same singleton object, and can safely be cast back and forth BlackBerryPIM defines access to RIM-exclusive lists and capabilities Each PIMList comes in both a standard and a BlackBerry-specific flavor The BlackBerry versions of these classes offer additional useful features that were not included in the original JSR specification For example, a ContactList presents ways to look up contacts by searching for certain criteria, while a BlackBerryContactList adds the ability to search for contact groups, or to directly retrieve a contact by their unique ID As with PIM and BlackBerryPIM, each PIMList and BlackBerryPIMList are singleton objects, so each can be cast into the other version. generate gs1 128, generator ean 13 barcode, barcode pdf417, code 128 font, code 39 generator in, generate data matrix code, itextsharp remove text from pdf c#, c# replace text in pdf, source code to generate barcode in, itextsharp remove text from pdf c#,

As you ll find with the third-party solutions that were covered in 6 for patch management, Microsoft Windows also comes with a number of solutions that can manage systems, including the manual release management of software updates. These include applications such as Altiris, LANrev, and FileWave, which are also capable of working with Mac OS X. Microsoft s SCCM should also be looked at thoroughly, although it is not compatible with Mac OS X.

As shown in Figure 4-15, the first step is loading an empty document The empty document contains no data, and it serves as a framework The framework may have some text, buttons, forms, and a look and feel And as in Figure 4-15, the empty document will look bare After the document has been loaded, the client needs to execute the document Depending on the application, there are various ways of executing the document Some clients may require that the user enter some data and then click a button Other clients might load the content using a periodic interval, and yet others might load the content once the document has been loaded In the case of the blog application, there is no need for the client to intervene, so the document should be executed once it has been loaded In JavaScript, the body.

Group Policies use the registry to define where to pull a policy file from. If a preference manifest in Mac OS X (described in more detail in 7) is a container of settings, then a Group Policy Object is similar in that a file is created and the unique identification of that file is located in Active Directory. These files are stored in the Group Policy Template (GPT) subdirectory of the Sysvol folder, a directory created by default on all Windows Server Directory Controllers. NOTE: You can also use the Group Policy Object Editor on a host and apply the policies directly to that system in your virtual machine, which would then apply to virtual machines that are created based on the initial virtual machine; however, you should use the Sysvol as you will be able to centrally manage policies. To create Group Policy Objects log into a Windows Server (if you are in an Active Directory environment) or a Windows XP computer (if you are applying the policy on the

Tip: If you need the extra abilities offered by the BlackBerry version of a list, go ahead and use it Otherwise, stick with the plain version to ease porting to other platforms A special type of list, BlackBerryMemoList, was created for BlackBerry devices and does not have a standard counterpart As you might expect, this provides access to the Memos application You cannot add your own type of list to the PIM structure For example, if your application provides voice memos, you cannot use PIM to store or look up that data because voice memos are not one of the existing PIMList implementations However, among the existing lists, your app has complete control Any changes you make will appear in other PIM-related apps and vice versa So, if you add a ToDo list item within your app, it will appear the next time the user opens their Tasks application.

local computer). Click on Start, then Run, and at the Run dialog enter gpedit.msc. The resulting window will show you two types of policies, as can be seen in Figure 9-27, for the Local Computer: Computer Configuration and User Configuration. These control computer based settings and user based settings, respectively.

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